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Total Joint Reunion: Be All You Can Be

Last night, OrthoNorCal providers joined Dominican Hospital Orthopedic and Physical Therapy team for the bi-annual Total Joint Reunion.

The event, which is held in honor of total joint patients, took place at Chaminade Resorts and Spa on June 1st. Patients who have recently received total joint surgery are invited, along with their families and friends, to celebrate the progress that everyone has made following the surgery. Cathy Lawhorne, who leads the Orthopedic Navigator Program, hosted the event during which patients were able to measure their progress through a survey and a walking test. According to Cathy, the event not only allows patients to see how far they have come following the surgery, but also inspires the patients to be all you can be.

Total Joint Reunion June 2017

OrthoNorCal providers, Nicholas A. Abidi, MD, Christian S. Heywood, MD, and Peter M. Reynolds, MD were present to re-connect with their previous patients and see how they’re currently doing. Each of them spoke about their specialties while providing the patients with tips for how to better care for their new joints.

In between the providers speaking, Cathy highlighted two inspiring patient stories. Timothy Krehbiel and Helen Haynes Stakem shared their experiences following their surgeries. After feeling some pain on his right knee while travelling, Tim decided to give Dr. Reynolds a visit. He later had to get a total knee surgery. Tim says that when someone gets surgery, the doctor does the work. However, it’s up to the patient to do the work to get better and take care of his or her body. In this instance, Tim did exactly that. He exercised regularly and maintained a healthy lifestyle. With that under his belt, Tim managed to lose 100lbs. He proved that what you put in is what you can get.

Helen and Dr. Abidi at the Total Joint Reunion

Similarly, when Helen encountered hip problems, she thought she had to put her passion for belly dancing on the back burner. After a total hip replacement with Dr. Abidi though, Helen realized that she doesn’t need to give up the things that she loves. For Helen, getting the surgery meant getting back to doing the things you love. She even performed a belly dancing routine at the total joint reunion!

Joint pain shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your life. Make an appointment or contact one of our offices to see if you’re a candidate for a total joint surgery!

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